Enjoy our state of the art gym

LeanerLife is a new concept of gym, with a more efficient approach for your everyday use of gym facilities.

LeanerLife was originally set up because too many people simply did not achieve what they originally set out to do when joining a traditional gym. 

There are 2 very simple reasons for this:

  1. Not knowing what to do or how often to do it.
  2. Not being able to get on the equipment they want.

We solved these problems by throwing away old gym concepts that simply do NOT work, increasing the amount of equipment that is necessary and limiting the total amount of members.  

Enjoy using state of the art gym equipment from:

  • Hammer Strength
  • Jordan
  • Full Metal Industries

Use our functional fitness area to further improve health, burn fat and build lean muscle.

You are 100% guaranteed to get on the equipment you want faster than any other gym in the local area due to our unique booking system.

Free WiFi – Free Parking – Bespoke Washrooms



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