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Protein Pro – A revolutionary new Protein Blend! Unique formula — Made only for LeanerLife!

Unrivalled in taste and quality… Protein Pro has become the new superior protein to ‘Whey’ alone!.

This unique protein design is a blend of:

50% Egg Albumen
33% Whey Concentrate
17% Milk Protein (80% casein, 20% whey)

Enhanced with pro-biotics to maintain a healthy intestinal tract

Egg Albumen is the white of an egg and has many more benefits to bodybuilders, atheletes and anyone wanting to achieve a Lean sculpted physique. Egg protein is considered to be the best source of protein as it has an amino acid pattern that matches almost perfectly that of what is needed for human growth.

Egg has the highest protein efficiency ratios of any protein source at 3.9. It has a biological value of 100 but more importantly it’s net utilisation score is higher than whey at 94. It’s for this reason Protein Pro has half of its content made from pure GMO-free egg Albumen.

Complete with Whey Concentrate, that has more biologically active components than whey isolate, and Milk Protein mean that Protein Pro delivers your body with high levels of BCAA’s allowing faster recovery and prolonged supply of amino acids.

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Weight 2.25 kg

Double Choc Chip Cookie, Banoffee Cheesecake, Redberry Roulade

3 reviews for Protein Pro

  1. Suzanne

    Just love the double choc flavour, other protein powders I’ve tried taste chalky. This one is my fav, it mixes great too. It feels like I’m having a choc treat 🙂

  2. Chris Baker

    Best protein I’ve ever used – both flavour and results. The unique blend of ingredients make a huge difference and low calorie too. Highly recommend to anyone looking to gain muscle or as part of a fitness regime. Great value for money given the results you get.

  3. David F

    I’ve been a LLF for nearly three years now using gym and PT. I feel much better and like to think I look much better. I’ve been using their Protein Pro for much of that time, each day after training, and am more than happy with the results. Double choc chip cookie is the best flavour, to be honest the only flavour I’ve tried. It’s a great post session treat and encouragement to go through the earlier pain. My faith in the gym and the trainers extends to the products they offer.

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